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Squareno, accompanying you from A to Z




The first part of the mission consists in helping you to evaluate your needs by including the technical constraints and functional requirements of the work.

After having validated together a set of specifications, we budget the costs associated with each stage of the renovation process.

With a schedule in the form of a diagram and after having selected the competent and qualified companies, we validate the contracts for the renovation.

Our project management company offers a complete range of services to support and advise our clients throughout their renovation project. As a single privileged contact, we facilitate the design and management of the site to enable you to achieve your objective with peace of mind.

1 - Design

We help you define your project by proposing solutions adapted to your needs and your budget. We also guide you in the choice of materials and equipment and we use 3D modelling tools to enable you to visualise your project before it is completed.
➡️ From the Preliminary Design to the Final Design: we produce the preliminary and detailed designs based on your expectations, your constraints, and the rules and standards in force. We provide you with a detailed plan booklet allowing you to visualise the project in its entirety and with precision.

2 - The Business Consultation Document (BCD)

The Business Consultation Document (BCD) will be drawn up to establish a call for tenders from service providers/partners. We provide the service providers with the necessary technical documents and assist you in obtaining the best rates and services.

3 - Planning, Control & Coordination (PCC)

As the project owner’s representative and advisor, we assist you in monitoring the work by ensuring that the schedule and the quality of the work are respected. We carry out regular site visits and coordinate the various parties involved.

4 - Site acceptance

We are present with you at the site acceptance to check that the work complies with the initial project and to note any reservations that need to be removed.

SQUARENO accompanies you throughout your renovation projects, from the design stage to the delivery of the building site, a guarantee of peace of mind for you.

Squareno, Harmony and refinement

SQUARENO is for anyone who wants to create a custom interior design and decorating project for residential and commercial spaces.

We understand that each client is unique and that each project has its own requirements. That’s why we help you realise your vision of the ideal space.

Our 3D projections allow you to visualise your project in a realistic way. They are designed to bring your interior design project to life and to help you better understand how the elements will fit into the space.

3D_squareno- rénovation-construction-
clé en main

Our goal is to create interior designs that not only meet your functional needs, but also reflect your personal style and aesthetic taste. We pride ourselves on our ability to transform spaces and enhance the lives of our clients through our creative and practical designs.

Contact us today to find out more about our interior design and decorating services with 3D projections and to discuss your project with our expert team. We look forward to working with you to create the space of your dreams.

Are you ready to give your home a makeover?