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Cuisine – Tourtour

Welcome to the story of our renovation project in Tourtour, the "village in the sky" of the Haut Var, offering 360-degree panoramic views for hundreds of kilometres.

Our work took place in the Saint-Pierre district of Tourtour, in a traditional house typical of this region. Our mission: to transform a kitchen into a modern space while preserving the traditional charm of Provence.

The first stage of our renovation involved opening up a load-bearing wall, creating a fluid connection between the kitchen and the dining room, while offering an uninterrupted view of the outside. This brought an unprecedented amount of light and a feeling of extra space inside the house.

We were faced with the challenge of adapting to the existing structures, while at the same time selecting floor tiles that would fit perfectly into a resolutely contemporary context. The kitchen is sober and elegant, using the highest quality materials to meet the owners' expectations in terms of quality and durability.

It is fully equipped to accommodate a large family, who come together every summer to enjoy the sunny climate of the Var. It's a space designed for conviviality, where the art of cooking blends perfectly with the beauty of the region.

This project embodies our commitment to innovation while respecting traditional roots, creating a place where the past meets the present.