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Gourmissime – Toulon

Welcome to the story of our regeneration project, which took us to the heart of Toulon, the capital of the Var region. In the heart of the city centre, as part of a vast urban regeneration project, we have undertaken an exceptional transformation. In the bustling pedestrian streets, a clothes shop has been reinvented as a genuine delicatessen, proudly bearing the evocative name of "Gourmissime". This franchise is the brainchild of a dynamic woman entrepreneur from Draguignan. In the spirit of the times, the products on offer are above all local and diversified, responding to a growing demand for authentic, quality flavours.

Our commitment to this project resonated perfectly with the 'Gourmissime' philosophy. We worked closely with local businesses, while imposing impeccable quality standards on ourselves. Our team demonstrated remarkable efficiency in transforming the premises in record time. We incorporated bespoke furniture, designed to meet our customer's specific requirements, thanks to our expertise in decorating projects.

The result? A new address that quickly won the hearts of Toulon residents and visitors alike. It's a success we're particularly proud of, as it demonstrates our ability to provide design and renovation solutions that perfectly meet the unique needs of our customers. Our values of excellence, creativity and commitment to quality are evident in every project we undertake.